Fuel Consumption Saving Tips for GPX Bikers

Fuel Consumption Saving Tips for GPX Bikers


  • Maintain Gear Ratio:

Gear Position


1st 10-20
2nd 20-40
3rd 40-60
4th 60-70
5th 70-80
6th More Than 80


  • Check And Clean All Those Items:

Air Filter Clean Every 500 & Replace After 5,000 km
Fuel Filter Clean Every 1,000 & Replace After 5,000 km
Engine Oil & Filter Change After 1,000 km For Mineral and Synthetic After 2,000 km
Drive Chain Clean, Adjust & Lubrication After 500 KM
Cooling Oil Check Every 1,000 KM And Change Every 10,000 KM



  • Use The Certified Engine Oil:

Engine Oil Grade: SAE 10W40 (JASOMA2) For GPX


  • Maintain The Routine Service:


If you face any problem in your GPX bike, Please inform us by call to this number 01324-418725

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